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The BEST WESTERN PLUS Hacienda Hotel continually lessens its environmental impact through a variety of Green Practices and state-of-the-art “green” equipment additions. In the many ways below, the daily operations of each department along with the commitment of our staff members are helping keep the earth GREEN.

* We’ve installed low flow shower heads and low flow toilets– Savings of thousands of gallons per year
compared to standard shower heads.
* Linen program in guest rooms helps to save water, electricity and natural gas. This program removes
thousands of pounds of terry and linen per year from the laundry process
* Adding ‘drip’ irrigation system to save thousands of gallons of water annually
* Low-flow aerators on water faucets are used to conserve water
* Drought resistant plants and rock gardens around the property help to save thousands of g allons of water
each year

* “Energy Star” rated A/C units in all rooms
* “Vacancy Sensor” light switches installed in king suites
* Light bulb recycle program
* Dusk to Dawn Exterior Lighting Sensors

We Recycle
* Clear and Colored Glass
* Cardboard
* Tin & Steel Cans & Containers
* Aluminum Cans
* Newspaper / Magazines / Yellow Pages
* Plastic Containers / Bottles
* Grass & Trimmings

Through our recycling efforts the Best Western PLUS Hacienda Hotel has diverted tons of recycling/reusable materials from the landfill every year. We strive to improve that diversion amount in years to come.

Clean Air
* We clean all air handler units and coils annually and follow a preventive maintenance schedule keeping
records of all activity to provide clean quality air to our guests

Other Efforts
* All printer and toner cartridges are recycled
* Utilize used white paper as scrap paper in all departments
* All our company vehicles are maintained and repaired and properly disposes of hazardous oils, batteries, tires
and oil filers.